SmartSleeves fill a need that screen protectors and phone cases are unable to provide – these sleeves are able to make sure that your phone is protected from all sides and all corners from water damage, sand, dirt, oil, grime, and more, all without losing any of your phone’s functionality.

These clear sleeves are the perfect choice for those that work in messy/dirty areas, those that often talk in their phone on the rain, those that need to continue to be able to access a phone no matter what is on their hands, and much more. Benefits of SmartSleeves includes:

  • 100% Clear, Fully Functional Protection

When placed inside of a SmartSleeve, your phone is 100% functional. You can text, make phone calls, play games, type, web search, or perform any of the exact same activities that you would be able to perform without the sleeve with no loss in functionality or responsiveness. In fact, most people claim that their phones and tablets are actually MORE responsive to touch when inside one of these sleeves.

  • Sealed from Wetness, Dirt, and More

When inside of a SmartSleeve, your phone is resistant to anything that could cause damage. You can bring it to the beach and not worry about the sand or splashes. When you’re cooking, you can respond to a text message even with tomato sauce on your fingers. When properly sealed, your phone can remain protected from all sides against any number of different elements.

  • Affordable and Disposable

When you take your SmartSleeves out in the dirt or use your SmartSleeves while in the shower, they will get wet and dirty. Unlike a screen protector or a phone case, however, you SmartSleeves are easily disposable. Simply take off the sleeve, toss it away, and use another sleeve when you’re ready. This means you never have to worry about getting your SmartSleeve dirty.

Try Yours Today

SmartSleeves pick up where screen protectors and phone cases do not. The best way to see all of the advantages of SmartSleeves is to try it out for yourself. Find your phone in our product listing, and feel free and contact us at any time if you have questions.