Q: What Are SmartSleeves?

A: SmartSleeves are a type of disposable packaging that covers both mobile phones and tablets, and protects them from wetness, sand, dirt, sludge, and more. SmartSleeves are also more than just a bag, as they allow your mobile device to be fully functional, with outstanding clarity and a perfect fit.

Q: What Are SmartSleeves Made Of?

A: SmartSleeves are made of a unique, crystal clear poly blend material. It is recyclable, and is superior in strength and clarity to traditional plastic bag products, as well as allowing more functionality.

Q: Can SmartSleeves Be Used More Than Once?

A: Absolutely. SmartSleeves can be re-used often unless there is permanent damage to the package. The average SmartSleeve will last one week or more with light daily use, but may last less time with significant use. When used infrequently (such as only when it is raining) the SmartSleeves can provide longer lasting protection.

Q: Does SmartSleeves Protect Screens?

A: SmartSleeves does not replace cases or screen covers for dropped phones. But SmartSleeves does allow you to use your phone without worrying about what is on your fingers, as well as protect your screen from smears, spills, and more.

Q: What if I Have a Case?

A: Most cases will fit inside of a SmartSleeve. We have larger sizes and measuring options to help you find the one that is right for you. You may need to get a larger size depending on the size of your case.

Q: Are SmartSleeves Waterproof?

A: SmartSleeves are not considered waterproof, as it is risky to immerse them fully in water. When fully immersed, even a pin-size air space in the closure can allow water to come in. SmartSleeves is not considered responsible for any damage from water getting into the SmartSleeve. That said, SmartSleeves do provide significant water resistance, and are able to withstand a great deal of water spills and splashes.

Q: How Do I Use SmartSleeves?

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