Antimicrobial SmartSleeves was developed using a patented 1.6 MIL LDPE material, with an antimicrobial, non-migratory additive that lasts for the life of the film. It is reusable and disposable, tested in a third party lab (ISO Test 22196:11) that starts fighting harmful microbes within minutes of contact. Time studies have shown a reduction in microbe activity over time, including:

  • 55% Reduction within 45 Minutes
  • 85% Reduction within 1 Hour
  • 98% Reduction within 2 Hours

Our product has been tested to meet FDA standards. Within 24 hours there is a 99.9% reduction in harmful microbes, including MRSA, Staph, Pneumonia and more.

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SmartSleeves is a Cost Effective Way to Prevent the Spread of Disease

SmartSleeves are an affordable way to prevent the spread of infections. They may also cut down on hospital costs significantly, by reducing the number of hospital acquired infections which cost an estimated 10 billion dollars every year and put countless lives at risk.

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Order Antimicrobial SmartSleeves for Your Medical Office

Antimicrobial SmartSleeves are a smart, very affordable, medically sound way to prevent the spread of infection and reduce or eliminate harmful microbes on your technology. They are used in hospitals around the country, and can also be used in by doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals that want to prevent bacterial buildup on their technology.

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