Technology is everywhere. Nearly every doctor, nurse, patient, and visitor uses a Smartphone or Tablet PC to communicate with others. Some hospitals even provide mobile technology to their staff in order to access medical records and aid in treatments. This type of technology is even used to save lives.

Yet it has come with a cost. In the United States alone, hospital acquired infections have increased substantially since 2007, and studies have shown that smartphones and tablets may be to blame. In 2009, a Turkish study found that 95% of the cell phones of doctors and nurses in operating rooms and intensive care units were contaminated with disease causing bacteria, and since then smartphone use has only increased.

Antimicrobial SmartSleeves – Disposable and Fully Functional Technology Covers

Leaving this technology at home is not an easily enforceable solution, especially since some hospital care workers require this type of technology to perform their medical duties. SmartSleeves offers an effective, medically sound solution.

Our Antimicrobial SmartSleeves use a special film that reduces harmful microbes within minutes. It is fully disposable – able to be thrown out after each use – yet durable enough to be reused by those without as much access to patients. It is also a useful option for visitors as well, who can continue to respond to messages and talk on the phone without putting their loved ones at risk.
But the most important component of SmartSleeves is that your phones and tablets are still fully functional. You can still perform all normal activities, including:

  • Talk
  • Text
  • View

SmartSleeves are made with very high clarity materials, and the screens respond perfectly to touch. You can protect your phones and your patients without any loss in functionality.

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