Antimicrobial SmartSleeves arequickly changing the way that hospitals and doctor’s offices fight infection. These fully functional, reusable, and disposable sleeves provide several valuable benefits that are valuable to hospitals, medical offices, and those that work closely in areas with potentially hazardous microbes. These benefits include:

  • Protection Without Sacrifice

Preserving functionality is a crucial part of what makes SmartSleeves a valuable choice for the medical community. Any loss of functionality – whether it’s the touch sensitivity, difficulty listening or speaking, or trouble viewing the screen – would make protecting the phone largely pointless.
But when your phone or tablet is encased in a SmartSleeve, it remains 100% functional. You can talk, text, or even play games while on break. You can even use the phone while your hands are wet without any loss in sensitivity – something that smartphones traditionally do not respond to. This makes them a great choice not only for medical staff, but also those visiting that intend to keep using their technology.

  • Reduced Risk of Infection

You can learn more about the specific bacteria indicated in our research studies by clicking on our bacterial page, here. Studies have consistently confirmed that smartphone and tablet use in hospitals and doctor’s offices is contributing to the spread of dangerous, sometimes fatal infections across the United States and around the world.
Antimicrobial SmartSleeves have been tested in a third party lab (ISO Test 22196) as well as several independent hospitals, and they all show a consistent reduction in microbes, effective against bacteria like MRSA, Staph, and more – each of which has become more common in recent years. This reduction in infection means a reduced length of hospital stays, and a reduced cost of hospital stays both for the patient and for the hospital. It also means technology may be safe enough for medical staff and parents in the PICU, ICU, and other sterile locations.
There is also added safety for hospital staff as well, who can dispose of the sleeves before they leave so their phone is free of the microbes they handled during the day.

  • Disposable

SmartSleeves is sold in large quantities for very affordable pricing. Each sleeve can be reused, disinfected with cleaning agents, and sterilized with EtO and Gamma. But they are also fully disposable. The cost of these sleeves to your hospital are minimal, so each sleeve can be disposed of after each use without incurring any significant expense.

  • Other Benefits

SmartSleeves can also protect phones from standard events, like sneezing, washing hands, or cleaning. This allows everyone in your hospital or medical office to benefit from SmartSleeves and the phone/tablet protection that it provides.

Clear, Affordable, and Safe

The antimicrobial additive in SmartSleeves is also a part of the film, and not part of the coating. It will not rub off, smear, or wash off. From the moment you first use these SmartSleeves to the day you dispose of them, the non-migratory additive will continue to prevent the growth of microbes.

Antimicrobial SmartSleeves by ClearBags can potentially change the healthcare industry, making it safe to use your technology again while decreasing the risk of hospital acquired infections. If you’re interested in ordering Antimicrobial SmartSleeves for your medical staff, call us today at 800-233-2630.


Antimicrobial SmartSleeves have been tested thoroughly in a third party lab (ISO Test 22196:11), as well as undergone rigorous scientific testing in hospitals across the country. The antimicrobial additive in the SmartSleeves film has been shown to work within minutes of contact with target bacteria, and is shown to be effective against:

  • MRSA
  • K. pneumonia
  • E. coli
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Staph Aureus
  • A. baumannii

These organisms are gram negative and gram positive. Some area also aerobic bacteria. Antimicrobial SmartSleeves by ClearBags has been shown to start reducing microbe activity almost instantly, breaking down these microbes over time. Time studies show the following results:

  • Within 45 Minutes – 55% Reduction
  • Within 1 Hour – 85% Reduction
  • Within 2 Hours – 98% Reduction
  • Within 24 Hours – Consistent 99.9% Reduction

Testing is based on a 4 log reduction, which is the standard target for healthcare. Antimicrobial SmartSleeves also meet all FDA Standards, and are manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards in relation to the quality of the material (FDA Regulation 21 CFR 177.1520 © 2.1 and 2.2.

SmartSleeves also protects phones and tablets against blood, sweat, dirt, and other potential hazards. If you would like to learn more about our Antimicrobial SmartSleeves product line, or you are ready to make an order, call us today at 800-233-2630.