SmartSleeves picks up where phone cases and screen protectors cannot. When your phone is placed in a SmartSleeve, it is capable of retaining 100% of its functionality, with a cover that is touch sensitive, disposable, and incredibly high clarity.

The Technology Behind SmartSleeves

SmartSleeves was created by ClearBags, one of the leading packaging companies in the United States. When faced with the challenge of creating a product like SmartSleeves, ClearBags needed to find a material that would provide high clarity responsiveness while still protecting phones from the elements.

The result is a unique, recyclable, clear poly-blend material that has greater clarity and strength than any other type of bag or packaging. For added protection, SmartSleeves also comes in a variety of sizes so that you can have a snug fit around the phone that will reduce creasing and improve comfort.

SmartSleeves also comes with two separate closures, one for tablets, and the other for smartphones:

  • Smartphone Closure – SmartSleeves for phones uses a zip closure. This allows you to take the phone in and out of the sleeve with ease, and zip it closed so that it is able to keep out sand, dust, water/moisture, and more.
  • Tablet Closure – In order to improve protection on our tablet SmartSleeves, we use what’s known as a “protective closure.” An adhesive is placed on the outside of the bag and protected with a strip. After you place your tablet inside of the sleeve, you can take off the strip and close the SmartSleeve without any glue smearing on your tablet.

Although SmartSleeves are disposable, they are also reusable. Both the Protective Closure and the Zip Closure allow you to take your device in and out as needed.

Find Out More About SmartSleeves Technology and Protection

SmartSleeves is the type of protection that will become invaluable to your life the more you use it. Order your SmartSleeves today by visiting our product page, and see why it is such a great choice for protecting your mobile devices.