Your mobile devices play an important role in every component of your life – whether it’s work or play. These devices are expensive, irreplaceable, and yet they are easily damaged without proper care. That is why people purchase screen protectors and cases almost immediately after they buy their device, because if you drop it just one time, it can be completely destroyed.

But dropping your phone or tablet is not the only way you can damage it. You also risk damage every time you take your phone out in the rain, bring it with you to the beach or snow, or try to handle your device while cooking, cleaning, gardening, and more.

SmartSleeves: Protection From the Elements

The traditional way to protect your phone or tablet from damage is with a screen protector. Screen protectors are still important – they can help prevent chipped screens if you drop your phone. But screen protectors only protect against blunt damage. They do not protect against other issues that affect phones, including:

  • Dirt
  • Water
  • Sand
  • Grease
  • Food and More

Screen protectors alone only protect your device on the screen, and are unable to protect the entirety of the system. They’re also not disposable, and only really provide protection when dropped. Cases can augment this, but most cases still cannot prevent against water, dirt, and sand.

SmartSleeves provides the added protection necessary to make sure your phone is safe no matter where you take it. Unlike screen protectors, SmartSleeves:

  • Protects Against More than Drops – People drop their phones once or twice a year. But their phones and tablets are exposed to potential damage nearly every day.
  • Are Disposable – It’s important to make sure your screen protector stays clean and free of germs and oils. With a SmartSleeve, you can simply remove the sleeve and replace it with a new one at little cost.
  • Are Reusable – If you are not taking your SmartSleeve anywhere special, you don’t need to use it. You can take it off and save it for the next rainy day, or the next time you cook or garden.

SmartSleeves provide considerable protection where both screen protectors and cases fail. Both can still be placed on your phone inside of a SmartSleeve to protect against drops, but SmartSleeves is the only tool that will also protect against the daily dirt, water, and more that your phone is potentially exposed to every day.

If you are ready to give SmartSleeves a try, find your size today.