Whether you’re an auto mechanic or you simply work with some component of cars, chances are you’ve seen how dirty your fingers and hands become. Cars and trucks are notorious for grit and grime, and when you work with oil, gas, and chemicals, the last thing you want to do is get any of that on your phone.

Yet these days it’s nearly impossible to disconnect, and in some cases you may need access to your phone or tablet for your job. SmartSleeves makes that possible, providing you with a Crystal Clear cover that can protect your phone from dirt and damage, all without affecting functionality.

SmartSleeves for the Automotive Industry

SmartSleeves is a type of high clarity packaging that is designed to perfectly fit over mobile technology, including cell phones and tablets. With SmartSleeves, you can provide a cover that prevents oils, grime, and more from getting on your phone while you work.

But SmartSleeves is also more than that. While encased in a SmartSleeve, you phone is fully functional. You can still talk, text, play games, check Facebook, and more, all without damaging the phone. Once you’re done, these covers are also completely disposable. If, at the end of the day, your mobile device is covered in grime, you can dispose of it and put on a new one.

SmartSleeves are making it possible to stay connected no matter what you’re working on, and that means that those in the automotive industry can continue to use tablets or phones in the workplace. Employers like them too, since it allows their staff to handle mobile technology, like tablets, and do their job more efficiently without damaging the equipment.

If you’re interested in learning more about SmartSleeves for the automotive industry, call us today, or try them for yourself by visiting our product page and finding your size.