When you work as a chef, you’re constantly busy. You have order after order after order, and when you’re not working, chances are you’re preparing for the next order and making sure everything turns out okay.

But you also have a life. Chances are, there are times you need someone to call you, or you need to send a text, or you’re on a 5 minute break and you just want a moment to check your email. Some restaurants now even use tablets to relay orders to staff.

Use SmartSleeves and Keep Your Mobile Technology Safe

Those that work in restaurants benefit from using SmartSleeves – the only Crystal Clear, disposable mobile device cover that protects phones and tablets from all sorts of common kitchen related damage, including:

  • Spilled Sauces
  • Water Droplets
  • Food Remnants

But it’s not just the protection that’s valuable. With SmartSleeves, your device is also fully functional. It responds to your touch no matter what food is on your fingers, and allows you to continue using it in full without getting food on the device.

SmartSleeves allows chefs to keep their phones and tablets in the kitchen with them without worrying about spilling. It allows restaurant workers to answer an important text no matter what is on their hands. Because it is both affordable and disposable, SmartSleeves can also be thrown away if it has become too soiled, and replaced with a new one, all while your phone stays free of spills and smudges.

SmartSleeves is a great choice for anyone that works in a restaurant. We also have an antimicrobial version for those that work with high bacteria foods. If you’re interested in trying SmartSleeves out for yourself, visit our product page today, and see why SmartSleeves is a great companion for your phones or tablets.