If you’re someone that loves gardening, then you know how problematic it can be to use your phone while trying to work on your garden. When your hands are dirty or wet, it’s almost impossible to try to use your touchscreen – and why would you want to? Because if you do, you’ll end up getting streaks of dirt all over your phone, some of which can lead to permanent damage.

Rather than risk damaging your phone, try a SmartSleeve from ClearBags. SmartSleeves are affordable, disposable covers that envelope your entire phone, so no dirt, sand, water, mud, or insects can cause it any damage. Even though it’s completely wrapped, your phone also remains 100% functional. Everything on your phone or tablet will still work great, including:

  • Touchscreen
  • Voice
  • Text/Chat and More

Getting a text with muddy hands? No problem. Your touchscreen will still work perfectly even with muddy hands, and you won’t get any mud on your phone. SmartSleeves can also be rinsed thoroughly or disposed of once completed, and unlike screen protectors, your entire phone will be free of dirt and grime.

Look Up Information, Make Calls and More

You’ll be able to look up gardening tips while you’re gardening without dirtying up your phone. You can drop your phone in your garden without worrying about long term damage. You can even keep your tablet on the ground when you work, because the dirt and water from the ground won’t penetrate the plastic.

SmartSleeves are an affordable and effective way to reduce damage to your phone when gardening, and far better than screen protectors, expensive covers, and anything else on the market today. Try a SmartSleeve from ClearBags and see why it is the most popular and effective way to protect your phone or tablet PC while gardening.