If you’ve ever been on a long run, you know how sweaty you can get. Your fingers can be soaked in sweat, and – depending on the type of running – your ear and hands may also be covered in all kinds of dirt and pathogens.

That’s why SmartSleeves is the ultimate running cell phone accessory. SmartSleeves is a disposable sleeve that seals over your phone to provide complete protection from water, dirt, sweat, and more. Yet despite that protection, your phone is still 100% functional. You can still text, play games, check your steps, map your run, and even talk on the phone with no difficulty.

The materials used to make SmartSleeves are touch sensitive, Crystal Clear, and don’t prevent the passing of sound. Yet they provide a complete solution that ensures your cell phone or tablet isn’t at risk for the elements. It prevents bacteria from passing from your hands to your phone, it prevents sweat from smearing all over your screen, and it allows you to continue to use your phone as needed – even with sweaty fingers – because of how easily the screen handles your touch.

When to Use SmartSleeves While Running

SmartSleeves are a great choice whenever your phone is at risk for water, dirt, and elemental damage. It is great for:

  • Running in the Rain
  • Mud Runs/Color Runs
  • Beach Running
  • Marathon Running
  • Long Distance Jogging and More

Better than a screen protector, there is currently no other protection system on the market that can prevent elemental damage to your entire phone front and back, and no other solution that allows you to continue to use your phone no matter how wet and dirty your fingers.

Because SmartSleeves is both disposable and reusable, a single pack can last you weeks depending on the abuse it receives, and you’ll be able to continue to use these SmartSleeves when you cook, go to the pool, lay on the beach, and more.

Find Your Size Today

SmartSleeves has one of the highest return-purchase rates in the cell phone accessory industry, and we’re confident that once you try SmartSleeves, you’ll continue to come back for more. Find your SmartSleeves size today, and start protecting all 360 degrees of your phone.