SmartSleeves is the perfect companion for your daily life. It can protect your phone or tablet from water, dirt, dust, and more, all with a disposable cover that can be removed if it gets too tarnished, with full functionality and Crystal Clear clarity.

SmartSleeves is also a great choice while cooking. Many people find themselves in the following scenarios, showing how SmartSleeves can make a tremendous difference in how you stay connected:

  • Recipes While Cooking – Tablets and smartphones are often used for recipes. But it’s difficult to read a recipe while you also have to protect your phone from splashing oils, flour, and more. With SmartSleeves, you don’t have to worry about keeping your device next to you.
  • Food Spills – You want to keep your phone with you. But one dropped tomato sauce and suddenly your phone is no longer useable. SmartSleeves is capable of protecting your phone all throughout cooking, and if food does spill you can simply remove the SmartSleeve and your phone will have no remnants of the dropped meal.
  • Staying Connected – It’s not uncommon to find yourself waiting for guests, expecting a phone call from your friend or partner, or simply wanting to be able to check your phone in someone needs to reach you. Even if your hands are covered in vegetable oil, you can still use your phone with ease when it’s covered in a SmartSleeve. There is no loss of functionality.

Our SmartSleeves are great for chefs, as well as those that simply want to cook something great in the kitchen. The best way to see what SmartSleeves can do for you is to find your size today in our shop, or contact us if you’d like to learn more about our products.