Cleaning up after others is messy work. You are consistently using chemical cleaners to sanitize floors, walls, counters, and toilets. No one wants to have those chemicals on their hands, let alone letting those chemicals get on your phone or tablet.

SmartSleeves: A Great Choice for House Cleaners

SmartSleeves is a protective barrier that slides over your phone to keep it protected from the chemicals and dirt you are working with all day long. It offers 100% protection, all while your phone still remains completely functional. At the end of the day you can strip off the covering and either clean it or dispose of it, knowing that your phone was protected all day.

Complete Phone Protection

The SmartSleeves material is sensitive to touch and allows sound to pass through it easily. The clear design of the sleeve makes it easy to access every aspect of your phone. When your phone is covered with a SmartSleeve, it doesn’t matter if you’re cleaning a toilet or spraying a window. You can still:

  • Make or Receive Calls
  • Use Text Messaging
  • Search the Internet
  • Play Games During Breaks

There is no other way to protect your phone as completely during your workday. SmartSleeves allows for complete accessibility and functionality without leaving your mobile device vulnerable to dirt, water, and chemicals. You can even choose to leave your phone on the ground next to you as clean, because it will be completely protected from any splashes that may occur during the cleaning process.

SmartSleeves are a smart and cost-effective way to keep your phone from becoming damaged while you are working. Try SmartSleeves from ClearBags today to see why it is considered the best way to protect your phone while you are at work.