SmartSleeves began when an employee of ClearBags realized that he had no way to protect his phone from snow and mud when he went snowboarding. But it became a must when others realized how desperately they needed SmartSleeves in order to protect their phones while at the beach.

Normally, when you go to the beach, you have to be extra careful about where you take your phone or tablet:

  • You can’t keep it on your person in case you get hit by a wave.
  • You can’t put it in the sand, since the sand can get inside the charging port.
  • You can’t keep it in open air, since it may get hit by mud or splashing water.

SmartSleeves is based in California, and many of our own employees had to replace or fix their phones in the past because of sand and water issues from beaches across the coast. In addition, if you get any sand or water on your hands while on the beach, it can be very difficult to try to use your phone.

SmartSleeves is the perfect beach companion. Slipping easily over your phones or tablets, SmartSleeves can seal closed and prevent your phone from being exposed to sand, dirt, and splashes of water. While in the sleeve, your phone will remain 100% functional, even with water and sand on your fingers, allowing you to continue to use your phone as needed.

If you’re planning a beach trip or would like to try SmartSleeves for yourself, visit our product page and find your size today.