These days, even kids are connected to their technology. Some own their own smartphone, iPod, or tablet. Others borrow their devices from their parents. Children are learning as young as 1 year old how to handle this type of technology, and parents are learning very quickly how great technology is as a babysitter.

But children are still children, and that means that they are going to get their germy, dirty, wet hands all over everything they touch. SmartSleeves provides that extra step of protection that can keep your devices, or the devices of your children safer from mucus, mud, and boogers.

Disposable Protection for All Your Mobile Devices

For many parents, SmartSleeves provides that extra layer of protection they need to ensure that their children do not damage their technology. SmartSleeves allows your phone or tablet to be 100% fully functional, while encased in a disposable package that has Crystal Clear clarity, so your child will still be able to watch movies and play games while SmartSleeves protects it from damage.

More than a screen protector, SmartSleeves wraps around your devices and seals them closed with a zip closure or protective closure. SmartSleeves are designed to be a perfect fit, so your child’s comfort level with the devices is unlikely to be affected. Since it covers the mobile device in full, SmartSleeves is then able to protect it from common damage, including:

  • Water/Wetness
  • Dirt and Food
  • Sand, Snot, and More

After your child has handled your device, you can simply remove the SmartSleeve and your phone or tablet will be unharmed.

SmartSleeves is a great choice any time you want to make sure your child doesn’t accidentally damage your technology, or when you want to make sure that their technology lasts for longer. The best way to see what SmartSleeves can do for you is to try it out for yourself, so find your size on our product page today.