Whether you’re at the pool in your apartment or visiting a water park with your family, you’ll often find that you need to have your phone on you. But doing so risks a great deal of damage, since you are surrounded by water, wetness, splashing, and grime.

SmartSleeves is a great companion for keeping your phone or tablet safe. With SmartSleeves, you’d be able to fly down Splash Mountain at Disneyland without worrying about the water damaging your phone, or keep your tablet with you at the pool without keeping an eye out for cannonballers.

SmartSleeves – Clear, Usable Phone Protection

SmartSleeves is not only capable of keeping your phone protected in these environments – it is also still fully functional. SmartSleeves allows your devices to continue to function, even when you have water on your hands.

With SmartSleeves, you never have to be disconnected, or worry about what will happen to your phone or tablet no matter where you may be. SmartSleeves is:

  • Reusable
  • Disposable
  • Crystal Clear

Made with a special, thin material that seals closed with either a zip or protective closure, SmartSleeves remains the only affordable, easy to use option for those that need to protect their phone no matter where they may be. If you would like to give SmartSleeves a try, check out our product page and find out why it is a great choice for keeping your technology safe.