One of the primary advantages of SmartSleeves is that it is water resistant. Although you should try to avoid submerging it in water, SmartSleeves can be used in situations where water is present with little risk to your phone.

For many, SmartSleeves is the easiest way to stay connected when you’re showering. If you receive a phone call while in the shower, it’s almost impossible to answer it right away, no matter how much you dry your hands. It’s even harder to text. If someone needs to reach you, chances are you’ll miss their call.

SmartSleeves – Water Resistant, Fully Functional Protection

SmartSleevesprovides water resistant protection, so that you can touch your phone with wet hands without worrying about shorting the phone. It’s also highly responsive. Even with wet hands, your phone will be able to respond very well to your touch, so you can text, answer phones – even play games with ease.

SmartSleeves is better than a screen protector, and provides 360 degree protection that is not possible with phone cases. It is also disposable and very affordable, so you can make sure that you’re always protected.

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