When we first created SmartSleeves in 2010, we imagined it providing everyday men, women, and children with the opportunity to protect their phones and tablets when out and about with their family. But it wasn’t long until we realized that SmartSleeves can play a very important role in the workplace as well.

Tablets and mobile technology are now everywhere. People use it recreationally while at work, as well as for work – such as in the cases of landscapers, doctors, and maintenance staff, all of whom use cell phones and tablets to map directions, communicate with clients, fill out paperwork, or check instructions.

Using SmartSleeves at Work

SmartSleeves is the ultimate disposable way to protect your technology. There is a place for SmartSleeves in any industry that works with dust, grime, oil, dirt, or any other potential damaging agents. SmartSleeves has already been used in many different industries, including:

Whenever you want to stay connected but are concerned about getting particles, sad, dirt, sludge, wetness, or any other type of material on your phone or tablet, SmartSleeves provides with you a protective solution that is not only capable of protecting your devices, but also allows them to be 100% fully functional while they are enclosed in the packaging.

SmartSleeves for Employers

We also have special deals for SmartSleeves for employers. If you or your employees and technicians use phones and tablets often for workplace reasons, and you would like your employees to protect their devices (and thus, your investment), please give us a call today at 800-233-2630 to find out more about our bulk SmartSleeve options, or visit http://smartsleeves.com/medical/ to find learn more about our antimicrobial SmartSleeves.

SmartSleeves: Keeping Your Phone Safe

Technology is an investment – and not just a financial one. On your phone or tablet is information, photos, and more, all of which may be irreplaceable. When you work in areas that may put your technology at risk, these 100% disposable SmartSleeves can make sure that your phone or tablet stays free of potential damage, while still remaining fully functional. Check out our product list to find your SmartSleeves, today.