Landscape installation is a dirty job. You’re consistently working with dirt, water, mud, and germs, all of which get on your hands and clothing. You also need non-stop access to your phone or tablet, since most landscapers use technology for nearly every part of their job:

  • Getting directions to client houses.
  • Contacting contractors.
  • Looking up installation instructions.

Your phone and tablet need to be on you at all times, but that also means that you’re regularly at risk for getting your phone dirty, wet, and more.

SmartSleeves – Better Than a Screen Protector

SmartSleeves is a new type of technology protection that helps landscapers protect their entire phone. It’s more than simply a screen protector. It is an affordable way to make sure your phone doesn’t get dirty or wet, and yet remains 100% functional no matter what you may have on your hands.

When you have a disposable SmartSleeve over your tablet or phone, you can drop it in mud, use it with wet hands, and prevent any dirt or sand from getting inside of the system. SmartSleeves are more than a bag and better than a screen protector, because not only does it cover your entire phone or tablet:

  • Your screen is still just as touch sensitive, even while inside the bag.
  • You can still hear, talk, and even play games while the phone is protected.
  • Your SmartSleeve is disposable, and can be replaced when it gets dirty.

There is no type of phone protection or tablet protection quite like a SmartSleeve, and landscapers everywhere that have tried SmartSleeves love it. Protect your phone from dirt and damage. Try our products at SmartSleeves, and see why it is simply the best way to protect your phone from the damage that often occurs while landscaping.